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The Law Office of Thomas L. Squier is a solo-practitioner law firm based in Puyallup (South Hill), WA. Thomas (“Tom”) Squier is an attorney whose focus is on estate planning, including the preparation of wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, community property agreements, and other documents, and whose practice includes probate administration for the estates of deceased loved-ones. Tom also helps his clients to plan for the tax consequences of leaving a legacy.  Get in touch with Tom to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about whether his services are right for you.

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Wills & Revocable Living Trusts

We all want to do what we can to take care of our loved-ones, and the legacy that you leave will be determined, in part, by your will or revocable living trust.  Either document can answer the questions of "How will my assets be distributed when I'm gone?" and "Who will carry out my wishes?"  If you have minor children, you can appoint a guardian and trustee to help take care of your kids and their inheritance. Wills and trusts are the building blocks of a solid estate plan. Click here for estate planning information.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Planning for incapacity is just as important as planning for the transfer of your assets when you have passed.  With durable powers of attorney, you can give people the authority to act on your behalf in the event that you are unable to make sound decisions.  This is particularly important when it comes to financial affairs, since someone will need the ability to access your bank accounts and to pay your bills if you are unable to do so yourself. Click here for estate planning information.


Probate is the process through which a deceased person's estate is legally closed, with court oversight. Although there are estate planning techniques that can avoid probate, if a loved-one has died, there is a good chance their estate or will has to go through probate before you can wrap things up.  Luckily, Washington is one of the states with the simplest and fastest probate processes in the country, so it may be easier than you think! I can help by guiding you through the process and taking care of the legal details.  Click here to schedule a free one-hour probate consultation.



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